Group trying to get fresh foods into ‘food deserts’ in Pittsburgh’s Black community

PITTSBURGH — Food deserts are areas without access to any kind of fresh fruits and vegetables.

“Here in Homewood, there hasn’t been a grocery store since 1995. That’s an issue,” said Raqueeb Bey, founder of Black Urban Gardeners and Farmer of Pittsburgh. “Our government officials decided to put a Family Dollar in here, instead of a grocery store.”

The no-cost farmer’s market operates four times a month: twice at the Amplify Church in Pittsburgh’s Hill District and the other two times at House of Manna in Homewood.

“Primarily, this is for our people, to give to our people who need that help,” Bey said. “They come through and pick what they want, there is no limit, we don’t tell people no. You can’t be in the food sovereignty movement and be stingy.”