• Allegheny County Jail cracks down on mail policy after drugs slipped in


    PITTSBURGH - The Allegheny County Jail is cracking down on its mail policy after officials said inmates were finding a way to sneak in drugs.

    A source told Channel 11’s Aaron Martin that a drug called K-2 or Spice, more commonly known as synthetic marijuana, was the most common drug making it into the hands of inmates.

    A spokesperson for Allegheny County said that the drugs are being liquefied, making them harder to detect.

    Allegheny County Jail warden Orlando Harper sent the following statement to Channel 11.

    "We have been informed that narcotics have been liquefied and sprayed on mail and forwarded to the ACJ for inmates. Effective March 20, 2017, changes will be made to our mail procedures to eliminate this threat and to ensure the safety and security of this facility."

    Drug Enforcement Administration spokesperson Patrick Trainor said the problem has also been investigated in Philadelphia.


    "The big issue and concern for us is that most of these products are manufactured in Asia and they're labeled not for human consumption," Trainor said.

    Trainor said he is happy that Allegheny County Jail is working to resolve the issue.

    "It's something that can be disguised very easily, and it also doesn't have the characteristic smell that marijuana does," Trainor said.

    The Allegheny County Jail did not release any details about changes being made, but said it is to ensure the safety of staff and inmates. 



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    Allegheny County Jail cracks down on mail policy after drugs slipped in

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