North Huntingdon homeowner desperate for fix after repeated flooding problems

NORTH HUNTINGDON, Pa. — A Westmoreland County family is deciding whether to move after dealing with their 13th water main break in 20 years, on Coulterville Road in North Huntingdon.

The repeated breaks have caused significant flooding and damages to Dan Manning’s home.

“About 10 years ago, the kids were little and six days before Christmas, it flooded the basement and all of the Christmas presents were ruined. This is how I’ve been living the last 20 years,” said Manning.

According to Manning, every time the line breaks, the same thing happens.

Water runs down his driveway and goes into his garage. From there, the water runs through the garage and down the stairs into the family’s finished basement.

Each break results in thousands of dollars in cleanup and repairs for Manning.

The most recent break, earlier this month, was the exception. It caused running water but no damage.

Crews were out last week to fix the broken section, but Manning contends a total replacement of the line is long overdue.

Channel 11 first reported on Manning’s situation four years ago, and little has changed since.

Following our questions about this stretch of Coulterville Road, a spokesman for the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County confirmed they’re now taking a serious look at replacing the entire 3,000-foot water main.

Manning estimates he’s spent close to $70,000 on flood damage since moving into his home in 2001.

“I don’t know what to do at this point. We may have to move,” he said.