• Beaver County Emergency Services issues warning about potentially explosive fuel


    NEW BRIGHTON, Pa. - Beaver County Emergency Services issued a warning about potentially explosive fuel Tuesday.

    Officials said if anyone purchased off-road diesel fuel from Guy’s Service Station in New Brighton March 27-31, they should not use it.

    During the delivery, gasoline was mistakenly mixed into the diesel fuel tank, officials said.

    There’s the potential for an explosion if the product is used for home heating in kerosene heaters and diesel vehicles.

    Business owner Jules Brown said he bought some of the recalled fuel.

    “Nothing happened with the heating oil. Everything went out. We ran out, so it’s good,” Brown said. “I just thought it was a minor mishap on the driver who is hauling it. (He) probably put it in the wrong tank and didn’t know.”

    A Glassmere company spokesman said, “We are not positive that there is any danger involved, but we feel better to be proactive and inform the public.”

    “They’ll make it right. It’s a big company,” Brown said.

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