• 'Bird man of Elliott' criticized for trapping pigeons in downtown Pittsburgh


    PITTSBURGH - Pittsburgh police and animal control officers were called to the Strip District Friday morning after a clash between an animal rights activist and a man trapping pigeons.

    Todd Glotfelty, who calls himself “the bird man of Elliott,” was trapping birds when he was confronted by a woman.


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    “She accused me of doing all kinds of evil stuff to pigeons. Pigeons are my life. I love pigeons,” said Glotfelty.

    According to a police spokesperson, it is legal to trap birds in the city except in a city park.

    Councilwoman Darlene Harris told Channel 11’s Rick Earle that she plans to introduce legislation that would ban bird trapping in the city limits.

    “I have no idea what happened, but the lady in question got annoyed or very upset because she saw these gentlemen here are claiming to trap birds for wedding releases but they have feral gray pigeons in their van and she was upset,” said Rebecca Reid, a friend of the woman.

    Glotfelty said he uses the birds for weddings.

    The woman will not face charges related to the confrontation, but she was warned by police to stay away from Glotfelty. 

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