• Dangerous sinkhole on Highland Park street prompts residents to contact Target 11


    PITTSBURGH - A sinkhole in Pittsburgh’s Highland Park neighborhood has gotten so bad that residents set up a makeshift safety zone around it and contacted Target 11 after they said no action had been taken by the city for nearly a month.

    “It's dangerous,” said resident Noreen Burton. “Somebody messed up their car, went down in it.”


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    Plywood and orange cones warn drivers of the hole, which from the surface of Portland Street is 3 feet wide and nearly 2 feet deep.

    “When you turn that corner you couldn't see that hole, so we had to put something in it so people could see it,” said Burton.

    However, despite the warning, there is even more to the sinkhole than meets the eye. It goes back another 2 feet underneath the pavement.

    Resident James Winer said, “The weight of my car going over that is probably going to collapse it.”

    Winer and others who live in the area told Target 11 Investigator Rick Earle that they repeatedly called the city, but nothing had been done to fix the problem.

    Earle contacted the city’s chief operations officer, Guy Costa, who went to Portland Street within about 15 minutes to inspect the sinkhole. He said it appears to be the result of a collapsed water line, and repairs might be the responsibility of the property owner.

    “If it is in fact a private lateral, the property owner who is responsible for that lateral will be required to replace the lateral and make the necessary repairs to the street,” Costa told Earle.

    Costa said crews put a camera into the sinkhole and are trying to determine to whom the line belongs.

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