• Local high school student, trainer appear on MTV's 'Made'


    PITTSBURGH -- A local high school student and trainer gained national attention after appearing on MTV's popular reality show "Made."

    Branden Naccarato said he wanted to change his lifestyle and become a tri-athlete.

    "I was a couch potato. I really didn't do much. I just sat around and played video games all day," said Naccarato.  "'Made' is usually about a teen that wants to be made into something so they hook them up with a professional trainer in the field."

    Local tri-athlete and dietician Kim Schwabenbauer said with only six weeks to get Naccarato in shape, she wasted no time.

    Schwabenbauer and Naccarato said they spent countless hours training. Naccarato said he stayed motivated by keeping his cousin Ryan in his thoughts.

    "He always told me to make sure that I exercised and he always invited me to come do things with him. He died last February and I felt like I didn't fulfill what I promised him," said Naccarato.

    After losing close to 20 pounds, Naccarato said he competed in a triathlon and adventure race which included a two-mile kayak, 12-mile bike ride and 3.1-mile run -- a race Naccarato finished second in

    Schwabenbauer said the biggest transformation she seen in Naccarato was his confidence.

    "When I first met him he seemed a bit hesitant and he wasn't really sure of his own ability," Schwabenbauer said.

    Naccarato said he still plays video games but includes exercise in his daily routine.

    "I hope to inspire others," Naccarato said.

    Naccarato is now training for the relay portion of the Pittsburgh Marathon.

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