• Teacher accused of selling heroin from home near Pittsburgh: police


    ROBINSON TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Channel 11’s Rick Earle has learned that a teacher in the Montour School District is facing charges after police said he sold heroin from his Robinson Township home.

    Charles Schaldenbrand was arrested and charged Thursday with two counts each of possession and intent to deliver.

    According to a criminal complaint, the 44-year-old sold heroin to a confidential informant on two occasions.

    On one occasion, he had the informant get the heroin from a coffee can that was outside. He had the informant leave the money in the can, Earle reported.

    On another occasion, Schaldenbrand had the informant get the heroin from a blue bag in a garbage can and put the money in his car.

    School district solicitor Ira Weiss says the 44-year-old teacher was placed on paid suspension earlier this week after district officials were notified of the drug investigation. Weiss says there's no evidence that Schaldenbrand possessed or sold drugs on school property.

    Channel 11 News has learned he’s been a math teacher for at least a decade.

    Parents that Earle spoke with said they were surprised and concerned about the arrest of a teacher.

    “I mean, you are supposed to be a role model. So it’s kind of disappointing to hear something like that,” one parent said.

    Schaldenbrand, who posted bond Thursday evening, faces a preliminary hearing Jan. 13.

    As he walked out of jail, he told Channel 11 News he could not comment on the charges.

    Earle also learned that Schaldenbrand rented his home from the Robinson Township police chief.

    The chief told Earle that Schaldenbrand moved in about 15 months ago and he’s never had any problems with him.

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