• Mother planning to spread domestic violence awareness after daughter's death


    CARNEGIE, Pa. - A woman is now working to spread domestic violence awareness after her daughter was stabbed to death in Carnegie by her boyfriend.

    Melissa Bowers, 36, was stabbed to death almost four years ago in 2012.


    "Miss her totally. Always will. And I know her kids do and it's just not fair," said Melissa’s mother, Colleen Bowers.

    Bowers is now on a mission to take what she has learned from the Center for Victims in Allegheny County to support and educate other families and survivors of domestic violence.

    "You may not believe that now, but you could end up like my daughter. You don't want to end up like my daughter. I'm not saying that's sure, but do you want to put yourself in that position?" said Bowers.

    She has plans to pursue fundraising and domestic violence-related legislation.

    "My voice, it's not my voice, it's her voice," said Bowers.

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