• Nanny for Pittsburgh Penguins player accused of stealing from home


    COLLIER TOWNSHIP, Pa. - The family of one of the top players for the Pittsburgh Penguins fell victim to theft by someone whom they knowingly let into their home, authorities said.

    Andrea Forsythe, 26, who worked as a nanny for Chris Kunitz and his family, has been charged with theft.


    Police said Forsythe stole a pair of diamond earrings from the Kunitz's Collier Township home and then sold them at a jewelry store in Robinson Township months later.

     “Instead of just stealing it and selling it, she held onto it and waited for the right opportunity and try to get as much money as she could,” said Craig Campbell, Collier Township police chief.

    To cash in again, she bought insurance on the jewelry, then claimed it was destroyed when her house caught fire last summer, investigators said.

    According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Forsythe set that fire in South Fayette Township in June 2014.

    Police also said Forsythe created a fundraising website claiming that she had breast cancer when she never had the disease.

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