• New website can lower your cellphone bill without changing carriers


    PITTSBURGH - A lot of people cringe when they get their cell phone bill, but now a new website can search for ways to lower your bill without having to change carriers.

    Gina Bigi shares a cell phone plan with her husband and mother, and pays $227 a month.

    “It's crazy like that's just ridiculous how expensive phone plans are,” she said.

    The website Savelovegive.com claims it can automatically calculate how much you’re wasting on unused data and services on your cell phone bill.

    “That's the term we coined called wireless waste. In this country alone it's $52 billion,” said the site’s co-creator, Todd Dunphy.

    He is a former Verizon employee and now makes his living by helping large companies manage their wireless plans. .

    “We were very frustrated with how mad people were with their phone bill,” Dunphy said.

    Savelovegive.com is a free program that’s as simple as punching in your cell phone number and password.

    In less than five minutes, their software analyzes your plan and gives you some suggestions for a cheaper plan with your carrier.

    “I'm buying 8 gigs but using 2. I'm oversubscribed. When we buy milk we don't buy five gallons we buy one because we know the other 4 are going to expire,” Dunphy explained.

    The website went online in January and now boasts more than 100,000 users, resulting in $5 million in savings.

    Dunphy came with Channel 11 to Elizabeth to give Bigi a personal tour of the site.

    “We are just counting penny so any little bit helps,” she said.

    Dunphy pointed out how the website was able to find a cheaper plan for her, saving her family nearly $400 a year.

    Most of the savings came because Bigi was paying for a 6 gig data plan but only using 1 gig.

    "It just really blows my mind that we were over paying that much for something that we weren’t even coming close to using,” she said.

    Right now, www.savelovegive.com works for Verizon, Sprint and AT&T customers.

    There is also a charitable component to this service where you can decide to donate some or all of your savings to charity.

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