• Ordinance allows Killbuck Twp. residents to add names to ‘no soliciting' list


    KILBUCK TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Kilbuck Township officials have approved an ordinance that will allow residents to add their names to a “no soliciting” list that will prevent door-to-door solicitors from visiting their homes.

    The ordinance was passed at an Aug. 28 meeting after several complaints from residents about too many solicitors knocking on their doors.

    “If people feel unsafe about who is coming to their property, the vendors are registered with the police departments. They know who is around and in the community and it keeps everyone safe," Kilbuck Township administration assistant Lorraine Makatura said.

    Chairman of Supervisors John Fader told Channel 11 News that neighboring community Ohio Township has a similar ordinance in place.

    Fader said any organization wishing to go door-to-door is supposed to get a license from the police department. Police will also give the solicitors a list of addresses that cannot be visited.

    Ohio Township police Chief Norbert Micklos said they ask solicitors to honor the list, and if they don’t their permit can be revoked. Soliciting without a permit violates a local ordinance that could have a fine of up to $300.

    Residents are also able to put “No Soliciting” signs in their yard or on their doors, and violating the sign is considered trespassing.

    “We've had different groups selling books and magazines to the doors over the last several years. We do get some foot traffic here," Kilbuck Township resident Kim Hoffman said. “We feel that it's important to the community to protect ourselves and protect some of the elderly residents against people coming up and don't have the best intentions in mind."

    Officials said the ordinance does not apply to nonprofit, school, religious or political groups.

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