• Police: Substitute teacher admits to doing heroin before teaching at Northgate Middle/High School


    BELLEVUE, Pa. - A substitute teacher admitted to doing heroin before teaching at Northgate Middle/High School, according to police.

    “I’m shocked,” said Michael Hudson of Bellevue police. 

    Hudson said he was patrolling the hallways of the school Wednesday when he found Christopher Chiappetta, 26, slumped over in front of the class.

    “He was very disoriented.  He appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol,” said Hudson.

    Hudson said he and the principal questions Chiapetta.

    “He actually had a stamped bag fall out of his pocket.  He was trying to hide it,” Hudson said.

    Police said they found four stamp bags of heroin on him along with marijuana in his car.

    “He denied it at first and then admitted to using heroin at about 6 in the morning,” said Hudson.

    Channel 11 was told that Chiapetta does not work for the Northgate School District.  He reportedly works for the Northern Area Substitute Consortium. 

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