• Shooting death of Harrison Twp. pit bull ‘justified', chief says


    NATRONA HEIGHTS, Pa. - The shooting death of a dog in Harrison Township over the weekend was “justified,” according to the Harrison Township police chief.

    Channel 11 News received many emails and Facebook messages about the dog, prompting reporter Jennifer Tomazic to seek out answers.

    According to the chief of police, an officer was called to a Natrona Heights neighborhood on reports of a loose dog bothering neighbors.

    When the officer approached the dog, the chief said the dog acted aggressively.

    “The dog’s hair was standing up, and its tail was between its legs. Its teeth were bared,” Harrison Township police Chief Michael Klein said.

    Despite the officer’s attempts to control the animal, the chief said the dog remained aggressive.

    “He had absolutely no choice but to shoot the dog,” Klein said.

    Tomazic spoke to family members who said the dog was friendly and did not deserve to be shot and killed.

    “He was a friendly pit bull. He cuddled with everyone in the house,” owner Cody Slee said.

    According to Slee’s family, another pit bull was roaming the neighborhood earlier in the week, but that dog did not belong to them.

    “It’s hard to believe he’s gone,” Cody’s mother, Tracey Slee, said.

    A Facebook page called “Justice for Khaos” has been created in response to the incident.

    The Slee family wrote, “A 14-year-old had to watch his dog die today when Harrison Township police shot him 3 times for no reason.”

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