• Simple Ways To Get Free Stuff

    By: Robin Taylor


    None - PITTSBURGH --Whether you're after a free bagel, free shampoo, or even free movie tickets, the offers are out there, you just need to know where to look.  Target 11 Consumer Investigator Robin Taylor uncovers where to find the deals.


    If you don't mind getting small sizes, a lot of manufacturers will send you free samples.  Their goal, of course, is to get you to buy the new products, but you're under no obligation.


    Another way to get things for free is by being a loyal customer.


    Rachel Booth is one of the founders of Living Pittsburgh, a website filled with free and affordable things to do. 


    "There's food and drinks and there's dinner deals," said Booth, as she showed me how easy it is to find freebies.


    If you need shampoo, cosmetics or toothpaste, just go to the manufacturer's website, where you'll find coupons and special offers that will be mailed right to your door.


    Then "like" your favorite stores and restaurants on Facebook.  That loyalty is likely to be rewarded.


    "They may send out a message, ‘Stop in between 9 and 1 today, say you saw this on Facebook and get a free coffee or get a free bagel’ or something like that," said Booth.


    If you're a fan of the movies but don't like high ticket prices, go to MovieTickets.com.  Once you sign up, they'll let you know about free screenings, but there is a catch.


    "Now you have to give your opinion of the film, but if you do that, you get to go see the movie for free," said Booth.


    Prescription drugs can be very expensive, so the next time you're at the doctor's office, ask for free samples.  Often, you can get a month's worth of medicine for free.


    "Drug reps come into doctors’ offices all the time with free samples, so those doctors have the free samples to give to their patients," said Booth.


    Websites such as Freecycle.org are filled with free stuff that you can trade with other people.  You can also find or get rid of things for free on Craigslist.


    "People have things that they are no longer using that may be of use to you.  You can get free things.  You can give away free things, if you're cleaning out things.  You don't have to haul it away," said Booth.


    You can also get your makeup done for free at Sephora, which could come in handy before a big event.


    "If you go in they will give you a makeover with their products and the makeovers don't cost a thing and they do a fantastic job," said Booth.


    Of course, they want to sell you their products, but you're under no obligation to buy.


    Now, just one word of warning: be careful when it comes to generic websites offering free stuff.  They may fill your inbox with spam, or worse yet, they may start slamming your cellphone bill with charges.


    For more on free things to do around Pittsburgh go to livingpittsburgh.com.

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