• Target 11 finds what stink bug traps work best


    PITTSBURGH - For the second year in a row, Target 11 put stink bug traps to the test. Now that the weather is warming up, stink bugs are crawling and flying around people’s homes. Consumer Investigator Robin Taylor put several new traps to the test to see if they're worth the money.

    We tested three new traps and two older ones that have done well in our previous tests. The traps ranged in price from $11 to $55. The results varied widely. 

    David Tomko has declared war against the endless brigades of stink bugs bombarding his home in Brookline. He had traps filled with hundreds of dead stink bugs. Tomko said the prehistoric looking insects are driving him crazy.

    "If I get up in the middle of the night with the TV on, there will be one on the screen," said Tomko.

    The invasion begins in his attic, which seemed like the perfect place for Target 11’s test, so five different trap were set up there. All of them claim to catch stink bugs indoors and are sold on Amazon.

    "I would say the ones with the lights will work. That's their main attraction," said Tomko.

    Victor M235 the Ultimate Stink Bug Trap is new and retails for $25.

    Home Innovations Indoor Electronic Bug Zapper is another new addition and the cheapest at $11. 

    Rescue's Reusable Stink Bug Trap can be used outdoors with a lure or indoors with a light attachment. With the light it costs $28. 

    Then, there's the Biocare Stink Bug Trap for Indoor Use for $22. 

    And finally, the Strube Professional Indoor Stink Bug Trap for $55. 

    Target 11 returned one week later to find some of the traps worked and some of them didn't. The Indoor Electronic Bug Zapper and Rescue’s Reusable Stink Bug Trap both failed to catch any stink bugs.

    "They did nothing up there in that particular environment," said Tomko.

    While Victor the Ultimate Stink Bug Trap caught four of them.

    "So it works. It did okay, just not great,” said Tomko. 

    There were 11 dead stink bugs on the Strube Professional Indoor Stink Bug Trap and one that was still kicking, but the winner was the Biocare Stink Bug Trap for Indoor Use with 14 dead stink bugs, winning Target 11’s test for the second year in a row.

    Tomko said he would recommend either of them because they both were effective. 

    The Biocare Stink Bug Trap uses a black light to lure stink bugs in and then drowns them in soapy water, while the Strube Indoor Stink Bug Trap uses sticky paper.

    Both require an electrical outlet because they have to be plugged in and can be used multiple times.

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