• Woman says she suffered back injury after man fell on her at Kenny Chesney concert


    PITTSBURGH - A local woman remained at Allegheny General Hospital with a broken back Monday evening after she says a man fell on top of her at the Kenny Chesney concert that took place at Heinz Field over the weekend.

    Joelene Hess and her family say they want the person responsible for landing her in the hospital to come forward and own up to their actions.


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    “Man up and say you did it and apologize,” Hess said. “It was an accident but an avoidable one.”

    The breast cancer survivor and mother of three said she took one of her daughter’s to the concert Saturday evening for her birthday. Once they were seated, Hess said she noticed a rowdy fan.

    “He was standing. I was sitting,” Hess said. “Next thing I know, this person fell right on top of me.”

    Hess said she heard every bone in her body crack when the man – who was more than twice her size – toppled on top of her.

    She said at first, she couldn’t even move.

    Jessica Hudak, Hess’ daughter, said she was terrified. 

    “I know people are going to be there way too intoxicated but never in my right mind … a broken back?” said Hudak.

    Hess’ family flagged down security who then alerted medics. Hess was treated on the scene and then transferred to Allegheny General Hospital.

    She said she’s still bothered with how security responded to the incident.

    “There was nothing we could do to him. He wasn't going to be held responsible because he fell, because he was dancing,” said Hess.

    Hudak said it’s bad this happened to anyone, especially her mother, and she wants someone to be held responsible. 

    “She’s putting my brother through college. She’s doing everything she can. It’s just not fair,” Hudak said. “We just want to know who the guy is. He needs to take responsibility.”


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