• Man caught on camera throwing sign through window of downtown Pittsburgh bar

    PITTSBURGH - Surveillance cameras caught a man throwing a sign through the window of a downtown Pittsburgh bar moments after the establishment’s owner says she turned him away Wednesday night.
    “You don’t imagine something like this happening, and then it does and you're just left thinking, ‘Where's the love, you know?’” Beer, Lime and Sunshine owner Ankita Sharma told Channel 11 News.
    Sharma said she’s left footing the bill to repair the window, which she said the man shattered with a sign from the sidewalk on Wood Street.
    She said she turned Nathanel McDonough away from her bar because he was slurring and appeared drunk. Sharma said he politely left, but moments later, he threw the sign through the bar’s front window.
    “I was like, ‘What is he doing?’ By the time I could do anything, he had thrown it through the window.  So the glass just like completely shattered behind me,” Sharma said.
    Connor Kaye told Channel 11 News that he was leaving a night class across the street when he spotted McDonough running from the bar. He said something didn’t feel right about the situation, and he felt he needed to act.
    "I just bolted on after him. We got to the center of Market Square, and I grabbed him and I threw him down,” he said.
    Sharma said Pittsburgh police officers handcuffed McDonough and took him to a hospital, but did not arrest him. She said she wants to know why he wasn’t taken into custody Wednesday night.
    "He was drunk,” she said. “He vandalized our store … and he still was not arrested.”
    Pittsburgh police informed Channel 11 News Thursday that a warrant has been issued for McDonough’s arrest.

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