• Mother speaks out against ex-boyfriend accused of injuring her 3-month-old daughter

    PITTSBURGH - As her 3-month-old daughter continues recover after she was allegedly tossed around on Pittsburgh’s North Side, the girl’s mother is speaking out against her ex-boyfriend, who is accused of hurting the baby.
    “She didn’t deserve what happened to her at all,” Gabrielle Drdul said about her daughter, Ja’macia Drdul.
    Gabrielle Drdul told Channel 11 News she’s only stepped away from her daughter’s bedside to come to city court to face Manderick Edwards, who police say broke several of Ja’macia’s ribs and caused her brain injuries.
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    “I don’t know what triggered him to do this to her,” Gabrielle Drdul said. “If it was alcohol, I would be shocked if it was drugs. I don’t know.”
    Only Channel 11 was there last week when Pittsburgh police found Ja’macia dressed in a onesie on a 49-degree morning.
    Investigators said Edwards was under the influence and was throwing and swinging Ja’macia in the air on Susimon Street on the city’s North Side.
    Gabrielle Drdul told Channel 11 News she was at home asleep when Edwards allegedly took her baby out of the house.
    “He told me he would take her, so I can catch up on my sleep, because I was working 12-hour days because he didn’t have a job,” she said.
    Edwards is facing numerous charges, including aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child.
    Nearly a week since she was hurt, Ja’macia is eating formula, and her seizures have stopped, Gabrielle Drdul said.
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    Gabrielle Drdul said she wants justice for her daughter.
    “He needs to go away a good while,” she said.

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