• Police officer buys elderly woman groceries with own money


    GAINESVILLE, Ga. - A family is thanking two local police officers for helping their elderly mother.

    Early Sunday morning, Officer Kristen Miller with the Gainesville Police Department responded to a welfare check on a 92-year-old woman.  Her family was worried about her because her electricity and power had been out due to unforeseen circumstances.


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    When Miller arrived at the woman’s house, she found that all the food in the refrigerator had spoiled and she was out of water. The woman also had no means of transportation and couldn't make it to the store.

    That’s when Miller and Cpl. Jessica Van took action.

    Van stayed with the woman while Miller went to the store and purchased some food and water with her personal money.

    Both the elderly woman and the family were so grateful to the officers.

    This article was written by Kimberly Richardson, WSBTV.com producer.

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