New poll worker training includes coronavirus conversations as primary approaches

WASHINGTON, Pa. — Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State stopped in Washington County Wednesday where poll workers were being trained on new voting machines. The conversation includes talk of how the coronavirus outbreak could affect voters.

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“For anyone who is concerned, you can vote by mail in ballot now. Timing-wise, it’s perfect,” Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar said.

Officials said they are preparing a plan of action for the coming weeks as the state primary is next month.

“For people who are coming to the polling places, there is going to be precautions. You can see here disinfection wipes, that kind of thing we are going to be working out how to best protect the voters,” she said.

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Voters Channel 11 spoke with said the outbreak was not going to stop them from casting their ballot.

“It’s common sense. Wash your hands,” Barb Isenberg said.