Save the streets: People in this local neighborhood want to keep the bricks just as they are

Mt. Lebanon residents fighting to save the community's brick streets

MT. LEBANON, Pa. — People in Mt. Lebanon are working to save brick streets in several neighborhoods.

There are more than 60 brick streets in the community, and as the township works to upgrade its roads, there have been discussions about repaving them instead,

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But the Mt. Lebanon Preservation Board, an advisory committee, wants to keep them around for a few reasons.

“Not only are they 100-year streets, they last for a really long time. They don’t have to be replaced like asphalt,” said Anna Siefken, chairperson of the board, who added they also help to stop people from speeding.

Last year, one of the brick streets had to be replaced because of storm water damage, but the board is working on a plan to prevent that, as well as a policy that would preserve as many brick streets as possible.

Additionally, there is a moratorium on any work that would replace these roads.

Siefken said they are doing preventative maintenance work now to avoid full repairs later and that instead of thinking about the initial cost for brick roads – which is more – residents can think how much they will save on the lack of future repairs.

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