Proud to be From Pittsburgh: Charleroi seniors give back to community

Proud to be From Pittsburgh: Charleroi seniors give back to community

CHARLEROI, Pa. — Charleroi High School’s class of 2020 isn’t walking the halls enjoying their last days of high school, but they are making a big impact.

“They had thousands of dollars that they could have spent on themselves, buying tickets to Kennywood or T-shirts for themselves or cookouts and picnics or whatever, and they chose to give back to the community,” said Charleroi High School Principal Patricia Mason.

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The class executive committee took money left over from fundraisers, money usually used for school dances or class gifts, and instead gave it to charity.

The groups that received the money were as follows; Mon Valley Hospital for PPP, Mon Valley Hospital Oncology Department for new wheelchairs, the Harvest Bounty Food Bank at Charleroi Elementary School, the J.K Tenner Library in Charleroi, and a local dialysis treatment centers food bank.

Charleroi Class 2020 Executive Committee President, Jamie Protz said it was a decision the whole group supported.

“We’ve donated over $5,000 to local organizations in our community and we’re just always trying to find ways to be positive, and just do good things for the people that do good things," she said.

Harvest Bounty Food Bank got hundreds of dollars from the class. It operates out of the elementary school and provides meals to students on weekends.

Kathy Franks oversees the food bank and said it helps many young students.

“58% of our school population is eligible for us free or reduced lunch and breakfast. Because of that, the need is great," Franks said.

The program typically feeds 240 students but has seen an increase in the last several months, so the money is needed and appreciated.

“Nowadays, our youth, they are considered to be sort of self centered,” Franks said. “This group of seniors is incredibly considerate. Just amazing, and you feel bad that they’re not getting their time to ‘dance and shine.’ But boy, they are dancing and shining through helping the five different organizations that they have blessed us tremendously.”

The Charleroi Class of 2020 is making us Proud to be from Pittsburgh.