• Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Sibling match

    GIBSONIA, Pa. - A 13-year-old boy from Gibsonia was diagnosed with a rare condition, but is recovering thanks to some help from his family.
    It first appeared Nick Mote had jaundice, but that turned into severe aplastic anemia, a rare disorder in which the bone marrow essentially shuts down. Doctors told Nick he needed a bone marrow donation, but at the time he didn't know he would get it from a hero close by: his sister.
    "She was like, 'You have a perfect match. Like so, so perfect.' And I just started crying and it was amazing. I knew she could help me," said Nick.
    "It was a great thing. We always hope for a match sibling. It's much easier for the patient and for the family sometimes," said Randy Windreich, Nick's doctor.
    Nick had chemotherapy to kill his existing bone marrow and immune system, and in July 2016 he was given a bone marrow infusion from Madalyn.
    When a sibling match isn't possible, doctors turn to the bone marrow registry.


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