Arrest made in organized retail crime spree that spanned across 2 counties

Thousands of dollars were stolen from local stores and police say an organized crime group is behind it.

Cranberry Township police said at least five people targeted businesses in Butler and Allegheny counties.

Only Channel 11's Amy Marcinkiewicz sat down with police who break down how they pulled off the heist and what got them caught.

According to police documents, officers are dealing with six suspects, operating in two different groups hitting Butler and Allegheny counties from January to September. There was a total of 58 thefts, totaling $20,000.


Police said they would go into the store, steal several items, and then take it back to a different store to get a gift card. They then would sell that gift card for cash.

According to police, one of the main reasons they were able to track the suspects down was because all of them used their own identification to use those gift cards.

Police have warrants out for five other people, but they have not been located yet.