• Attorney: Woodland Hills student's teeth knocked out by resource officer


    PITTSBURGH - A Woodland Hills High School student’s teeth were knocked out by a school resource officer, the 14-year-old’s attorney claimed Wednesday.

    The incident reportedly happened Monday between the ninth-grader and the officer, attorney Todd Hollis said. It allegedly started over a cellphone that was believed to have been stolen.

    During a news conference Wednesday afternoon, Hollis said there was a verbal altercation before the resource officer assaulted the boy.

    “This is a 14-year-old child. This is not a grown man. This is a school, where we send our kids,” Hollis said.


    The boy’s family believes that what happened to the 14-year-old is indicative of the culture at the school. They said the school’s principal was in the office when the boy walked in with the officer, a claim disputed by the principal’s attorney, Phil DiLucente.

    “He wasn't involved in the altercation whatsoever. He knew nothing about the incident occurring until after the fact. So to even put him in this light I think is misleading, and I think it's wrong and I think it's incorrect,” DiLucente said.

    Woodland Hills School District superintendent Alan Johnson released a statement that said, in part, “We have no reason to believe that any of our personnel did anything wrong and we are investigating.”



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