• Boy cut by glass when babysitter punches out car window


    ROCHESTER, Pa. - Channel 11 is learning about a little boy who could have permanent eye damage after getting caught in the middle of a fight, when the car window he sat next to was punched out.

    A 3-year-old child was hurt when a woman punched out a car’s window in Rochester, according to a criminal complaint.

    Police said Taylor Price was angry with her boyfriend, who was going somewhere with a friend. She punched one of the car’s rear passenger windows, causing it to shatter.

    The child was sitting in his car seat when shards of glass hit him in the face, leaving him with a small cut on his forehead and a red eye, police said. Price’s hand was bleeding when police responded to the disturbance.


    Channel 11 met Samantha Upson, and her son Spencer, as they headed to an eye specialist Monday afternoon. In just the past few days, Spencer has been in a hospital and undergone surgery after shards of glass pierced his eye.

    Both Samantha Upson and police say the injury was no accident. 

    "My brother was trying to break up with her and she didn't want that to happen, she lashed out," Upson said.

    Police said that Price and her boyfriend were babysitting the child.

    In addition to punching the window, Price punched her boyfriend numerous times in the face and bit him on the chest, her sister told police. The incident happened on Jefferson Street in Rochester. Police say that though the young boy was in the back seat, the suspect still chose to punch out that window.

    Samantha Upson is speaking out, saying children should never be caught in the middle. 
    "She needs help, she needs to do some time and then get help," Upson said.
    Upson still doesn't know how much, if any, of Spencer's vision is lost. Price is in jail, charged with assault and endangering the welfare of a child.
    Her family reached out to Channel 11 and said there's much more to the story, and that she was only defending herself. 



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