• Car thief smashes windows, steals guns


    FINDLAY TOWNSHIP, Pa. - Several cars were broken into Sunday night in Findlay Township. 

    Aileen McKeegan was one of several people who had their cars broken into in the Sunridge and Imperial Point housing plans. 

    "All my stuff is in bags, but it doesn't look like anyone's touched it," McKeegan said. 

    Channel 11 crews saw at least two other cars parked in driveways that had front windows smashed. 

    Neighbors told us off camera that purses and guns were stolen in the spree.


    Chad Milo's car wasn't broken into but he does have a home surveillance system that he checked this morning.

    "I didn't see anything, I didn't pick anything up. The only thing I got are tire tracks in my yard,” Milo said. 

    McKeegan said she didn't hear anything Sunday night and she's not sure why only a certain card was taken from her wallet.

    "The Victoria Secret debit cards are missing, my SS card is here, my bank information is still here, those are the only credit cards missing out of here,” McKeegan said.

    Police are asking neighbors with security cameras to see if they picked up anything suspicious.



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