Mother apologizes for 11-year-old son after he was charged for tossing rocks from an I-70 overpass

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Pa. — Someone threw a large rock off an Interstate 70 overpass, smashing into the windshield of a vehicle speeding down the interstate. For one mother and son, it was a close call.

“We had glass all over us. I had glass in my pants. Glass was in my son’s mouth,” said Kim Harding. “My foot got cut. We all could’ve lost our lives, which is so upsetting.”

Harding said state police investigators told her these incidents are happening more often.

It happened around 10 p.m. Sunday night. Days later, glass is still scattered throughout the car. Harding said her son handled it so well, but she knows there could have been a different ending.

“As a mother, I’m like, ‘Wow, you could have killed a child! It’s traumatizing. It’s extremely upsetting,” Harding said.

Harding explained that she can’t stop thinking about a woman who had children and a baby in her car when the rocks were thrown.

“That’s very upsetting. She could’ve lost control of her car, and they could have lost their lives,” She said.

State police said that rocks were thrown at cars on both Friday and Sunday.

“Know what your children are doing. I don’t know if these are young kids, but what are you doing at 10 o’clock at night? You might think this is fun and games like ‚‘Yeah we got a car,’ but you can take somebody’s life.”

State police found two people running from the overpass, both with rock dust on their hands and pants. Nineteen-year-old, Jacob Wiley is facing charges in the case.

State police said that he and an 11-year-old boy both confessed, both saying that they did it because they were bored.

Harding paid $300 to get her son’s windshield fixed on Wednesday. She explained that being bored isn’t an excuse.

“You gonna be bored in jail, what if you would have killed somebody? Then you’d be really bored. You know, shame, shame, shame on them,” Harding said.

Channel 11 spoke with the mother of the 11-year-old involved. She apologized for her son, saying she knows that someone could have been seriously injured or killed.

“I am very sorry. I am very sorry for all this, somebody could have crashed and died. I feel so bad, I am very sorry.”

She explained that Wiley is her daughter’s boyfriend and that she didn’t know about any of it until troopers knocked on their door.

“They are pressing charges to the fullest, which I agree. I hope they both get in big trouble for it,” She said.