• Former officer found passed out in running car, revived with Narcan


    A former police officer is facing accusations of being under the influence and endangering the welfare of her baby.

    Nicole Mautino, 32, was found passed out in her running car with her newborn baby in the backseat, according to court dockets.

    Medics rushed Mautino to the hospital where she was revived after two doses of Narcan.

    O’Hara Township Police were initially called to Fox Chapel High School on Sunday night because of a shirtless man wandering the parking lot.


    That man was Mautino’s boyfriend, Anthony Schulli, 29, who is the baby’s father.

    Officers said they found Schulli sitting on a curb and Mautino passed out in the front seat of the car.

    Investigators said Schulli told them two different stories. First, that the couple had taken Percocet that “must have been laced with heroin because he and his girlfriend do not use heroin.”

    Then, Schulli told them another story that Mautino was on Xanax.

    The baby was not injured and taken to Children’s Hospital, police said.

    Both are being charged with child endangerment.



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