TGI Friday’s manager cited after fight at Monroeville location

Police are investigating an altercation that involved a manager at TGI Friday’s in Monroeville.

“By the time I had my phone out and started recording, it had already moved around the corner of the bar and they were both on the ground and the manager was just hitting this young man,” said Stacie Johnson.

Johnson was at the restaurant on Sunday when the fight broke out.

“I had five Fridays’ workers laying on top of me pressing down on my neck. I had a guy who doesn’t even work there pressing down on my neck,” said Dominique Reed Graves, the alleged victim.

Graves said the altercation started after he ordered his food. He said a manager confronted him about not wearing a shirt.

He said he was at a sporting event and left the shirt in his car.

“His words were, excuse my language, but ‘Put a (expletive) shirt on,’ and I said, ‘Well, why are you the only person saying anything to me?’ He said, ‘Because I’m the (expletive) manager, now go put a (expletive) shirt on,’” Graves said.

Things escalated from there, Graves said. Police eventually showed up and the manager was given a citation. Graves received a traffic citation, but wasn’t cited for the fight.