‘Nobody is untouchable’: 7 family members come down with COVID-19 in just days, 2 don’t survive

‘Nobody is untouchable’: 7 family members come down with COVID-19 in just days, 2 don’t survive

ALLEGHENY CO., Pa. — A local family was ravaged by the COVID-19 pandemic after several members tested positive, and two of them didn’t survive.

The Perkins family took every precaution, including staying cooped up in their South Fayette home since the stay-at-home order took effect in mid-March, but the virus still found its way into their home.

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“Nobody is untouchable, nobody,” said Lisa Daugherty.

In mid-June, Daugherty’s brother came down with a persistent cough. She chalked it up as allergies or the common cold.

But over the next few days, seven members of the family tested positive for the coronavirus. Four had to be hospitalized -- Lisa, her brother, mother and father -- and her brother and mother both died.

Daugherty told Channel 11 that pre-existing conditions complicated the virus. Her brother Sammy, who was disabled, had a lung disorder. Her mother, Gloria, had diabetes and other health conditions. Daugherty has Lupus.

All three were in the same isolated unit in the hospital, but due to hospital rules, they were unable to see each other.

It wasn’t until Sammy’s condition got worse that the family was able to see him.

“They tell us my brother’s dying and we can’t even see him? He’s all alone and doesn’t know what’s going on,” Daugherty said.

Daugherty told Channel 11 if she could find the silver lining in this tragedy, it’s that Sammy and her mother are not suffering anymore. They’re finally at peace.

However, she had a message for others during this pandemic.

“If you love your family, wear a mask,” she said.

Both Daugherty’s mother and brother are being buried together Monday morning. Her father is still recovering in the hospital.

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