Parents in Montour rally against masks

McKEES ROCKS, Pa. — Parents in the Montour School District made their voices heard at a rally on Friday morning.

“My choice to mask or not mask my son in school. It’s my choice as a parent not the school board’s not the teachers union and not the states,” said parent Bryan Morse.

Weeks ago the state Health Department mandated masks in schools, and weeks prior to that the Montour district did as well, after initially making masks optional.

“I understand, I empathize with both sides regardless of which side you are,” said Superintendent Christopher Stone. “Masks, no masks, obviously we wanted to open schools without masks because I do feel there is value in children seeing each other, interacting with each other. But the primary purpose is making sure all children all staff members are safe.”

Parents rallied outside Montour High School and police were brought in as a precaution.

Many parents held up signs that said “Let kids breathe” and others brought their children with them.

“I can’t concentrate, I can’t breathe. I just don’t like having a mask on,” said student Felix Schneider. “I like my teachers. I want to be there without the mask on.”

The U.S. Centers for Disease & Control has recommended that kids wear masks indoors. But many parents at Friday’s rally worry it’s the masks themselves which pose risks.

“My son is experiencing lack of breath from the masks,” said parent Ben Schneider.