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Pittsburgh to consider urban farming as solution to growing need for food

PITTSBURGH — The demand for food is growing each and every day due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. So Pittsburgh city leaders are turning to urban farming and hoping to repurpose spaces in the city.

City Councilman Anthony Coghill would like to transform the 1.2-acre field into a farm. The land would be part of the city farms project. It’s adjacent to Brookline Memorial Park in Overbrook.

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The park is no stranger to farmland. Several years ago, Memorial Park used to be the Anderson Farm. Coghill says it’s a perfect space for crops and believes the city can grow food there and give it away to those in need.

Coghill and councilwoman Deb Gross penned legislation to secure funding to work with Grounded Strategies. The group would then evaluate the site and determine if it’s good enough for farming.

“The problems not gonna go away. It’s, ya know, the hunger. People are gonna lose their jobs. We know the hunger needs are always there and we wanna be prepared for next year,” Councilman Coghill said.

City Council will review this bill and two others pertaining to farming at Tuesday’s council meeting.

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