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They’re from Pittsburgh, but live in Canada, so they got married at the U.S. border

PITTSBURGH — The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t stop a Pittsburgh couple from tying the knot.

Lucas and Kathryn Young still had their dream wedding, but not without a few hurdles.

“We thought by September we definitely would be fine — there’d be no restriction the worst of it would be over. But that wasn’t the case,” Kathryn Young said.

In the summer, the couple got an email from their venue saying there would be some restrictions for their Sept. 12 wedding.

“We were gonna have passed appetizers, and they all had to be plated on the table for guests, place settings, all silverware had to be wrapped. It wasn’t my Pinterest-looking place settings I thought of,” Kathryn Young said.

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Also, hundreds and hundreds of individually wrapped cookies for Pittsburgh’s famous cookie table wedding tradition.

“I think we got lucky with our venue because it was always considered an outdoor entertainment space,” Lucas Young said.

There was an open air dance floor, but Kathryn Young said not everyone invited felt safe coming.

“My dad’s family didn’t come because they are more at risk for getting it, and I didn’t want them there for that reason because I would feel awful. And that was always in the back of my mind the entire time planning, like, ‘What if someone does get it?’” Kathryn Young said.

For those who did show, the couple tried to eliminate any awkwardness with color-coded wristbands, indicating each person’s comfort level with dancing and socializing.

“It was easy to tell who would be comfortable with you coming up to them and who was like, ‘Oh, I’m more hesitant towards that,’” Kathryn Young said.

Due to travel restrictions, they had to reroute their honeymoon three times.

“The Canary Islands would’ve been awesome and Hawaii would’ve been amazing, but in the end, we were fortunate enough to do anything,” Lucas Young said.

For any other brides and grooms out there who had the chance to postpone their dream weddings, the newlyweds said to try to focus on the positive.

“You’ve already been dating this person for however many years. What’s one more year potentially?” Lucas Young said.

“And at the end of the day, you still get to marry the person you wanted to marry, and that’s what it’s all about,” Kathryn Young said.