• Police make another large drug bust on Pennsylvania Turnpike


    A traffic stop on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Westmoreland County resulted in another big find for state police on Wednesday.

    Inside a car driven by a man named Anthony Lewis, a trooper with the SHIELD team allegedly found 72 grams of crack cocaine, seven grams of raw heroin, powder cocaine and 200 stamp bags of heroin packaged to be sold. 

    Both Lewis and his passenger were from Philadelphia. 


    The SHIELD team specifically focuses on interstates to target and detect drugs making their way across the state via highways.

    Lewis' arrest marks the third time in February a driver was pulled over by state police carrying illegal cargo just in this Mount Pleasant Township section of the turnpike.

    One of the biggest busts in state history was made in early February when troopers discovered 25,000 stamp bags stashed in a vehicle’s hidden hydraulic compartment. David Mora of Philadelphia was arrested.

    A fourth arrest right off the turnpike brought in 100 pounds of marijuana.

    Channel 11 has been following the crackdown on heroin for more than a year. We've sent reporters to Philadelphia and the border of Mexico to see how these drugs are making their way on the pipeline from Philadelphia, funneling drugs across the turnpike, right into the heart of our community.


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