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Police searching for 2 men accused of stealing thousands of dollars from Latrobe Municipal Authority

LATROBE, Pa. — State police are looking for two men wanted in a theft and fraud case where they allegedly stole more than $10,000 by washing and creating fraud checks.

”Mind blowing to a lot of people. We hear a lot about fraud in our profession, but to see forthright, in my position, was eye opening,” Lindsey Singer said.

Singer owns Singer Accounting on Route 30 in Ligonier. She didn’t realize a check was stolen right from her mailbox until a postal inspector showed up.

”The U.S. postal inspector actually stopped by our office and informed us he found a check stub down by Jennerstown Speedway that was remittance to Singer Accounting on behalf of the municipal authority,” Singer said.

The stolen check was traced back to the account of Latrobe Municipal Authority.

State police said the suspects used a washing technique on the original check and created five more counterfeit checks.

”The check had been manipulated, the name was changed, dollar amount was changed and subsequently cashed against their account,” Singer explained.

”Then (they) take that check, replicate it, make it out to themselves and random dollar amounts that added up to over $10,000,” Trooper Steve Limani said.

In total, six checks were cashed for over $10,000 dollars at three different area banks.It didn’t take state police long to figure out who was behind cashing them.

”The banks were smart enough to ask for ID, so we have a copy of their ID as part of this investigation that clearly identifies who they are,” Limani said.

Police identified the suspects as Michael Machay and Bryan McGraw.

Police believe these two are likely part of a much larger operation.

Singer said her business wasn’t the only target.

”They hit most people from Plum, all the way to Jennerstown. This was not an isolated incident. We were not a target,” Singer said.

Since then, Singer Accounting has taken extra steps to make sure their mail is safe and accounts remain confidential.

”We’ve installed a locking mailbox out front; therefore, our mail won’t sit overnight if it’s delivered later. We also have postal service hold our mail if we’re not open for business,” Singer said. Latrobe Municipal Authority said they support the efforts of police to arrest these suspects because in the end it costs the authority and rate payers money.

If you know where Machay or McGraw are, you are asked to call state police in Kiski.