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A restaurant worker asked a customer to put on a mask. Then, she says, he spit at her.

BRENTWOOD, Pa. — Workers at a Brentwood restaurant claim someone spat at them when told to put on a mask.

There’s no question how Rowdy’s BBQ feels about mask wearing, as there are signs saying “no mask, no service.” One customer, however, had a big problem with that, and he certainly made that known.

“We get cussed out all of the time, it’s never gotten to a physical level or this bad before,” said Kalee George and McKenzie Hedrick, employees who described what happened to them the other day when they asked a customer to put his mask on.

“He kept on lowering it down. I was like, ‘Can you please just lift that back up for me please?’ He did it, it dropped down again. I was like, ‘Sir, please wear your mask,’ He’s like, ‘I’m outside, you’re fine.’”

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That’s when Hedrick went to the back to get George, and the next thing they say happened was the customer venting his anger by spitting on the window.

“He was very upset and decided to express his feelings by spitting on window and our plexiglass,” they said.

Neither were hit. The wad of spit instead landed on the plexiglass, but the two of them were left to clean up the mess.

Owner Steve Kingsland told Channel 11 he’s disgusted this happened to his employees but he’s not shocked.