State Senator outraged by lack of answers to contact tracing data breach

PITTSBURGH — It’s been more than a month since we broke the story about the compromised personal health information of more than 70,000 people.

Sen. Kristin Phillips Hill, a Republican from York, is critical of the Wolf administration for their handling of the contact tracing data breach first exposed by Target 11 in April.

“I think it’s incredibly unfortunate that we wasted $23 million on a contract, but even more egregious to me is that it leaked very personal and very sensitive information, including information about children,” Phillips Hill said.

Target 11 also learned that Insight Global didn’t begin notifying people until three weeks after our report.

“Now we find out that the entity is also absolutely horrendous at addressing the very concerns raised by those whose information was affected, and I again have to say it’s government dysfunction at the highest level,” said Phillips Hill.

The senator attempted to hold a hearing, but the state Health Department backed out, citing a class action lawsuit. The state decided to end the contract later this month.

The senator says she’s hoping an investigation by the attorney general will provide some answers.