Talks of immunity fatigue circulate among rumors of second COVID-19 booster

PITTSBURGH — With talk about a fourth COVID vaccine shot coming, we thought it was important to ask an expert about something called “immunity fatigue.”

Physician Mark Itskowitz, with Allegheny Health Network, says immunity fatigue can happen “if the immune system is repetitively challenged and has trouble generating ongoing protective antibody antibodies.”

This could make vaccines less effective.

Itskowitz says there’s no yes or no answer as to whether immunity fatigue could result from a fourth shot, but he does say a significant amount of time between vaccinations could yield stronger immunity.

“There’s been some studies showing that if we do spread the vaccine out more, that the ultimate immune response is actually better.

”The doctor says the current vaccine does not protect enough against omicron.

“These vaccines do not generate protective antibodies in the nose to a high enough level to prevent a contagious variant like omicron.”