Veteran walks miles to visit wife in nursing home

ETOWAH COUNTY, Ala. — A 70-year-old Alabama man who walks miles to visit his wife, who has dementia and lives in a nursing home, had an emotional encounter with an off-duty police officer last week.

James Wright told WVTM that he walks miles daily to visit his wife, whom he called "the most beautiful woman in the world." His truck broke down so he was forced to walk the long distance to visit his wife, WVTM reported.

Off-duty Weaver police Lt. Charles Plitt saw Wright walking down a busy highway Thursday. Plitt said he saw a nicely dressed older man who appeared to be exhausted.

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Wright flagged down the officer and told him he couldn't walk anymore because he recently had a stroke. He told Plitt that he was on his way to visit his wife, who lives in a nursing home. The officer offered to give him a ride and learned that Wright was a veteran, and he talked about the wars in which he’d fought and the friends he'd lost.

Plitt said Wright's spirits lifted as they arrived at the nursing home. After thanking the officer for the ride, Wright hurried in to visit his wife. In a Facebook post, Plitt said he's working to see if Wright's truck can be fixed or if they can help him with future transportation needs.

Plitt said his encounter with Wright reminded him what Memorial Day is all about.