Coronavirus: Remdesivir treatment comes with $3,120 price tag for patients with private insurance

One of the companies pushing forward with a coronavirus treatment has announced how much it will cost for patients.

Gilead Sciences announced remdesivir will cost on average $3,120 for a patient in the U.S. with private insurance, CNBC reported.

The company will start charging patients next month after donating doses for the government to distribute after officials granted emergency use authorization in May, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Gilead will sell developed countries, including the U.S., vials for $390 each. Private insurance will be charged $520 a vial. The two price points mean government programs such as Medicare will be charged less than private insurance.

A patient will get five-day treatment consisting of six vials. That brings the government cost to $2,340 or $3,120 for a patient with commercial insurance, CNBC reported.

If a patient needed a longer treatment, they could be expected to be charged $4,290 for Medicare patients or $5,720 for privately insured patients, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Gilead stands by the pricetag saying $390 is “well below” the value of remdesivir, CNBC reported.