Vaccine rollout in states continues to be shockingly slow

Vaccine rollout in states continues to be shockingly slow

Washington, D.C. — New numbers show around six and a half million Americans have received their first dose of the COVID vaccine, but many states are shockingly slow when it comes to administering the vaccinations.

Operation Warp Speed – the federal vaccine program – promised to distribute enough doses to immunize 20 million people in the county by December

It missed that target. As of Friday, about 6.6 million people received their first COVID-19 vaccine shot, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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About 22 million doses have been delivered to states and await distribution.

As of Sunday, the CDC said more than 687,000 COVID vaccines were distributed to Georgia, but only 119,000 of them have been administered.

Florida was distributed more than 1.3 million doses but has only administered just over 400,000. In Pennsylvania, more than 800,000 doses were distributed but only 226,478 were administered.

RAW: Dr. Rachel Levine providing update on COVID-19 cases, vaccines in Pennsylvania (1/11/21)

Some states are getting creative.

Oregon held a mass vaccination at the state fairgrounds with the help of the National Guard.

New Jersey plans to open six-vaccine mega-sites and New York City opened a 24-hour pop-up vaccine site Sunday.