Pittsburgh Pirates

Pirates CF Jarrod Dyson takes knee during national anthem on opening day

Pirates players and the organization made gestures to advocate for social justice, the most profound being outfielder Jarrod Dyson kneeling during the national anthem before the regular season opener in St. Louis Friday.

Manager Derek Shelton walked from his spot on the third base line to stand alongside Dyson, and after the anthem was over, the two shook hands and hugged.

Shelton has said the Pirates would support players if they wanted to protest or make a statement.

“I think the most important statements that happen are how our players act and what they say not only [Friday] but publicly and moving forward,” Shelton said during a Zoom call before the game. “That’s why I’ve been really happy with our group and how they’ve been not only on social media but how they’ve been outwardly in the community.

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“That’s the most important statement. The most important statement isn’t something we do opening night or we do [Saturday]. It’s how we continue to live, how we continue to grow, how we continue to educate ourselves.”

Players and teams across Major League Baseball have spoken out against social injustice in America during opening day.

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