• Report: Steelers offered Bell $47 million over 3 years


    PITTSBURGH - The Steelers were prepared to commit paying Le’Veon Bell $47 million dollars over three years, according to a report by ProFootballTalk.com.

    That deal would have worked out to $15.66 million per year, higher than the franchise tag number of $14.54 million per year.

    As we know, Bell turned the team’s contract offer and was given the franchise tag, though he has yet to sign the tag or play a snap of football this season.

    According to the report, it’s unclear what salary the Steelers were offering in years 4 and 5 of the deal or exactly how much of that $47 million was guaranteed.

    We do know Bell has just a few weeks left to return to the Steelers in order for the season to count towards the number needed before hitting free agency.




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