Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers' Smith-Schuster relies on Villanueva for driving lessons

It's the Steelers’ bye week, so there's an opportunity to tackle some important issues.

JuJu Smith-Schuster is breaking out in a big way. His franchise-record 97-yard touchdown reception was the play of the game in Sunday night's win. He's the first player in NFL history to score four touchdowns before his 21st birthday. And his famous stolen bike was returned last week.


More importantly, he's determined to get his driver's license, and to that end, he's been taking driving lessons from teammate Alejandro Villanueva.

In a normal week, Tuesday would have been an off day for the players, but because of the bye week, the Steelers practiced. And after practice, Smith-Schuster told Channel 11 he's decided to push back his driver's exam.

"I said I'm probably going to reschedule because I gotta drive a smaller car than Al's truck," he said.
"I would say he's very athletic, very respectful," Villanueva said. "He's a kid who doesn't drink, doesn't do anything bad. So obviously the whole texting and driving thing, I've emphasized to him a lot.

“He’s on, he’s focused. I’m just hoping he can learn these awesome life lessons that I’m giving him now and become a very safe driver out there.”

All of this has put Smith-Schuster in the spotlight recently, but he hasn't gotten tired of it.

Channel 11: "Are you wanting to just do your thing in anonymity without anyone paying attention to you?"

"I think at the end of the day, playing at this level, social media nowadays everyone is watching, everyone has cameras, but I think the best thing about it is how much Pittsburgh loves their players and this city," he said.