Fern Hollow Bridge Collapse

Governor announces extension of disaster declaration for Fern Hollow Bridge

PITTSBURGH — Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf announced Wednesday a disaster declaration extension for the Fern Hollow Bridge collapse.

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In a release from the governor’s office, Wolf said the extension “ensures the ability to act quickly and without barriers for the people and businesses of Pittsburgh who rely on this critical infrastructure.”

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“While we have made significant progress since the collapse of the bridge, much remains to be accomplished in an efficient manner so as to not further disturb life and commerce in the area,” Wolf said in the release.

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The release said the state General Assembly extended the disaster declaration until Sept. 30.

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According to the release, the extension authorizes state agencies to use all available resources and personnel, as necessary, to manage the situation and repairs.

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“We are committed to continuing to work together to expedite this process for a return to normal commuting in the area,” Wolf said in the release.