• Fashion designer Kiya Tomlin opening new store in Etna

    By: Marina Weis


    Kiya Tomlin, fashion designer and wife of Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin, is bringing her comfort-chic clothing line to a new store in Etna on Butler Street.

    I got an inside look at Kiya Tomlin Work/Shop, which is now open.


    Kiya gave me a sneak peek of her new Pittsburgh sports-themed collection.

    “The Game Day collection consists of some of our signature styles: the comfort and drape,” Kiya said. 

    The pieces have a signature “Game Day” patch on the back made with jersey material. 

    She showed me a menswear sweater and a ladies smock and duster.

    “Fortunately for us in Pittsburgh, all of our sports teams seemed to be black and yellow, so they really are multi-functional for whichever sport you want to use,” Kiya said. “We can customize for whatever number you want to represent.”

    She said inspiration for the collection came from the kind of Pittsburgh-themed sportswear she would want to wear herself.

    Kiya was excited to reveal her new design on the Ford bandanas that will be given out at Pittsburgh Steelers home games. 

    She walked me through the store, showing me how she can now combine her retail, design manufacturing and production in one space.

    “Our customers can come in and see us work and really appreciate the process,” she said, adding that having a space where customers can come in and try things on improves the product.

    She said she enjoys fitting clothes for all body types. 

    “I’m inspired by the couture runway stuff but totally not practical to wear. I’m inspired to bring that feel into every day wear for women.”

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