• 'Days of Our Lives' Doug and Julie on love behind-the-scenes


    Widely known as the couple Doug and Julie Williams from the soap opera "Days of Our Lives," Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes are kind, hardworking and witty actors who are still deeply in love after 44 years of marriage.

    They love sharing the details of their lives on and off the screen with their fans.

    PHOTOS: 'Days of Our Lives' Doug and Julie meet fans

    I had the opportunity to talk with Hayes, 93, and Seaforth Hayes, 75, about their favorite storyline from decades of acting on "Days of Our Lives" and what it's like behind-the-scenes.

    Their popular characters Doug and Julie still appear in the show, which airs weekdays at 3 p.m. on WPXI-TV/Channel 11.

    "People like to ask, 'What if Susan had a love scene with somebody else? We've been actors our whole lives. For me, I would want her to do the best scene she could ever do. I know where her heart is," Hayes said.

    Hayes' favorite storyline is the love story written for Doug and Julie from the beginning.

    "In 1974, Susan and I married in our living room in front of 16 people. Two years later, Doug and Julie got married, and we used the same words," Hayes said. 

    "And at that time, 16 million people were watching," Seaforth Hayes added.

    The couple still appear on the show today, but there is a lot more pressure now to get their lines right the first time. 

    "You have one rehearsal with the camera," Seaforth Hayes said. "It's also the camera's only time to see what's going to be done.The shakedown of this show is how excellent it is still after all that extra pressure."

    This past spring, the show won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series among other awards. The couple was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award. 

    They visited Morgantown, West Virginia on Saturday to sign copies of their memoir, “Like Sands Through the Hourglass,” and their first novel, “Trumpet." They are working on a sequel to "Trumpet."

    PHOTOS: 'Days of Our Lives' Doug and Julie meet fans



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