Josh Dallas, Luna Blaise take us inside ‘Manifest’ return

Josh Dallas, Luna Blaise talk 'Manifest'

Get back on board mysterious Flight 828 with the season 2 premiere of “Manifest” on Jan. 6.

Before we buckle up for the first “Manifest” Monday of the year, See and Be Seen sat down with stars Josh Dallas and Luna Blaise -- better known as the father-daughter duo, Ben and Olive Stone -- to see what kind of twists and turns this season has to offer -- including new characters, mystery and more.

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If you need a refresh of the No. 1 new broadcast drama last season and the most-watched show of the fall:

The first season followed the Stone family and the passengers of Flight 828, which left Jamaica in 2013 and arrived in New York five and a half years later. The plane’s miraculous return gave the passengers and their loved ones a second chance, but with it came a new and mystifying reality.

And the finale?

First look: 'Manifest' Season 2

The finale left fans hanging on by their fingernails with a series of shocking events.

  • Ben and Grace find joy in the news of a baby on the way, but there is baby drama. Is Ben or Danny the father?
  • Ben and Olive piece together the season’s biggest clues and make a terrifying discovery that the passengers may have a “Death Date” -- that points toward the idea that the amount of time the passengers were gone is the same amount of time they have left.
  • Lastly, Michaela finds Jared and Zeke in a struggle and a gunshot goes off with no clue as to where the bullet has landed -- and if someone has to pay the price of that bullet.

Don’t miss the epic return Monday at 10 p.m. on Channel 11.